Providing positive, meaningful
and effective literacy support
for developing readers.

Providing positive, meaningful
and effective literacy support
for developing readers.


Zirkel was created to help kids feel motivated to read.

  • Zirkel is kid friendly

  • Reading is a lot like having a conversation with the text, Zirkel players are prompted to share their thinking out loud.

  • Zirkel incorporates highly effective literacy practices and strategies, and models positive social interaction.  As they become more actively engaged in their reading, children gain a stronger understanding of what is read.

  • Reading becomes a fun, positive social interaction and not just an exercise of isolated skills. 

  • Playing helps children gain confidence and independence in their reading ability by giving them control over what they want to read and how much they will read.  The game aspect creates a sense of playfulness and provides many opportunities for positive feedback and encouragement.

  • Zirkel has been field tested in a variety of settings with kids, parents, educators and community volunteers.

  • 98% of kids who played Zirkel said it was fun and easy to learn!  They liked that it was different than reading in school especially because they got to talk a lot and choose what they would read.

  • Kids said playing Zirkel changed how they feel and think about reading.  They were more likely to view reading as meaningful and fun after playing.

  • Parents said that having a board game like Zirkel gave them a more positive way to approach the challenge of getting kids to read at home.  They loved the excitement and interest it created for their kids.
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Playing Zirkel is:

R   relational - fun and interactive

E   experiential - in the context of authentic reading

A   applicable - equips readers with effective strategies

L   literacy-based and kid-centered

Zirkel - A Reading Adventure Game produced by Kids Read


Reading is a highly complex skill.  It is not just a school subject, but rather an important form of communication.  Oftentimes, proficient readers do so effortlessly and efficiently without being aware of how difficult learning to read can be.

Zirkel game play is designed to support this complex process in an emotionally safe context so that the child experiences success as well as the joy of reading.

Zirkel game play supports reading practice.  It also nurtures curiosity and persistence to go on reading even when the text is long, has unfamiliar words or is hard to understand.  The objective is to empower young readers to gain competence, independence and a desire to read.  Because Zirkel is played while reading whatever book the child chooses, the reading practice is authentic and not isolated skills or components. 

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