Providing positive, meaningful
and effective literacy support
for developing readers.

Providing positive, meaningful
and effective literacy support
for developing readers.


Volunteers can play an essential role in introducing a child to the joy of reading. Research emphasizes the importance of reading practice and the benefits of one-on-one reading experiences. Unfortunately, schools often don’t have enough staff to provide the one-on-one reading support for every child. Community volunteers are a wonderful resource for providing positive and productive reading practice for children. The challenge is making sure that volunteers feel successful so they want to continue.

Zirkel was created with volunteers in mind! The game provides specific game play guidelines, written instructions and everything necessary to play the game. And, Zirkel can be played in a variety of settings.  Zirkel is fun to play and easy to learn.

Here is what volunteers have said about Zirkel:

“The kids had fun and I had fun, too!”

“I saw positive change in the children I work with!”

“I think it allows children to learn to love reading.”

“The child and I were actively involved in the    
  process; and it was fun.”

“Reading becomes a team effort with child and Buddy  Reader working  together to try different  reading and  comprehension strategies.”

“I liked the structure.”

Here’s what a community service program coordinator said about Zirkel:

"The Zirkel game encourages our students to read during our summer reading program. They are eager to come into the trailer where we have trained Reading Buddies and have their “reading” time. The students feel that they are playing a game while they are reading and it doesn’t feel like school. We have about 30-45 students coming to read twice a week for 30 minutes each time. We have been running a summer reading program for this trailer park for four years and this is the most successful attendance and reading involvement we have had.”

Laney Howard -  Lago Vista, Loveland, CO

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